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Welcome to the site for Jennifer R. Hubbard, writer of Loner in the Garret: A Writer's Companion, The Secret Year, Try Not to Breathe, Until It Hurts to Stop, and other works.

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I am a night person who believes that mornings were meant to be slept through, a chocolate lover, and a hiker. I walk every day, and hike on weekends when I can.

I grew up in New England and now live in the Philadelphia area. I’ve been writing since the age of six, when I used to write and illustrate my own picture books. (Fortunately, none of those early efforts have survived, unless my parents are hiding them for future blackmail plans.) In high school, I considered it fun to come home from school and write novels. My grandfather worked at a printing plant that produced spiral-bound notebooks. Any flaws in the printing or binding process would land the notebooks in the company store at a steep discount, so I always had plenty of notebooks on hand. Now I write on a computer most of the time.

I will read almost anything; I prefer to write short fiction and young-adult novels. I had my first short story published when I was seventeen, but it took me many years to write well with consistency, and I continue to learn more every year. My short fiction has appeared in literary magazines such as Willow Review and North American Review, and a short story called “Confessions and Chocolate Brains” appears in the 2011 anthology Truth & Dare. (See the “Publications” and "Reviews and Resources" tabs on this site for more.) My contemporary young-adult novels are The Secret Year (2010), Try Not to Breathe (2012), and Until It Hurts to Stop (2013). I've also written a non-fiction book, Loner in the Garret: A Writer's Companion (2015).

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