Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Cats' Pledge

Cats belonging to writers everywhere have taken this vow:

Where there is a keyboard, I will lie upon it.
Where there is a screen, I will stand in front of it.
Where there is a stack of papers, I will sprawl on them.
Where there is an envelope, I will dig my claws into it.
Where there is a door, I will demand to go through it.
When a writer has toiled mightily and well, s/he will be rewarded with the present of a dead rodent.
Where there is rejection, I will purr and head-bonk the troubles away.


  1. LOVE

    Also don't forget: where there is a laptop, I will head-butt it out of the way...although that may be a subset of #2

  2. YES! You've nailed the essence of CAT. Although, it was one of my dogs who brought up a dead bird from the yard the other night. :(