Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Taking home the best part

I've gotten many things from writers' conferences: writing tips, feedback, prompts, professional contacts, books, prizes, and even friendships. And, of course, a fine collection of tote bags!

But probably the best thing I bring home is inspiration. It's not just insightful keynotes or pithy quotes or useful lessons. It's the dedication people bring to this craft. It's the feeling of sharing space with dozens of other people who choose to spend a weekend in a hotel conference room tending this essential part of themselves. It's the collective enthusiasm, the collective belief that words matter, that stories matter. 

Conferences rekindle my excitement for writing. They remind us that although writing is a solitary profession, we're not really alone.


  1. All people need inspiration in their lives. It's the heart and soul of being human. Artists--especially writers--live on it. Knowing that we are not alone makes our days brighter and our hearts content. Thank you so much for sharing your insight on conferences with your followers. All the best to you, Jennifer.

  2. Brava! This description is spot-on. There's an energy in those conference rooms that feeds our souls.