Friday, November 11, 2016

Comfort and magic

I'm rereading Patti Smith's M Train this week, which is a comfort read for me. I have many comfort reads: childhood favorites; classics; plot-driven bestsellers of yesteryear; humorous essays; just to name a few. M Train is the quietest of quiet books, but its spell lies in the way Smith finds magic in daily life, in memories, in objects that act as talismans, in habit and in dreaming.

As writers, we are constantly observing the world around us, seeking the magic in the moment. Today I saw golden beech leaves fluttering to the ground, and piled up a satisfying stack of library books, and listened to hopeful music, and signed some petitions, and did some work that needed doing, and revised part of a manuscript. A quiet day--a useful day, I hope, with a few bits of magic. Darkness comes early now, and it suits my mood of settling in with a comfort read to cap off the day. I hope you, too, are finding comfort and magic.


  1. This is the first description of this book that has made me want to try it. Putting it on my list. Thanks!

    1. It really is perfect for when you want something quiet and meditative.