Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Yes and no

One thing I've always struggled with is the yes/no balance in life: when to follow new opportunities, and when to hang back and rest. It doesn't help that opportunities tend to come in clusters. I'll say yes to a couple of things because life has slowed down and I have time and energy, and then a few more things will crop up: emergencies I can't ignore; goals I've long pursued and can't refuse even if the timing isn't optimal; and so forth. Sometimes I'll look at a particular week and laugh at how events have piled up close together, despite my attempts to spread them out.

I wrote about the yes/no challenges in Loner in the Garret. I don't have a universal magic answer, but for me the yes and no end up taking turns. When I have to, I'll even set aside precious days for cocooning, for an absence of formal plans, for the gathering of energy in between the busiest stretches.

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