Thursday, June 2, 2016

The wall

Katie M. Stout just posted eloquently about "hitting the wall," and it has become such a familiar story that I think it may just be a phase in many (most?) writers' lives. Which is not to say it's easy, or trivial. It can last a season, or years, or anything in between. It can be brutal while it lasts. I've gone through my own version of it.

But what I've seen happen to so many writers is that the well refills, one way or another. As Katie Stout says, the writers' goals often change. What the writer writes, or for whom, or how, can change. There is a door in the wall--invisible as it may be for a while--with new territory on the other side.


  1. For me, what has shifted through the years is why I write. Some of the things that motivated me to write when I was younger don't really motivate me anymore (although a few other motivators have still remained consistent). The nice thing about writing is that it's a skill that can take you to many different places.

    1. I have also found that my motivations change, as well as what I'm interested in writing about. And yes, writing is versatile, isn't it?