Friday, May 27, 2016

Dreams and goals

I've been posting about hope, the future, and the value of dreams over at YA Outside the Lines.

I've been thinking about my own dreams and aspirations, too. Many of the goals I set out to reach at the age of 20 or so, I have reached. Some of those dreams turned out better than I expected; some worse. For many writers like me, publication was a big, concrete goal. I'm glad I reached it, but I find it's not an end in itself. The writing road stretches out beyond it, and I've been thinking about where I want it to take me. That's one reason I've been posting a little less here. I have actually been writing a lot, but in an exploratory way that I'm not ready to discuss yet, because I'm still figuring out certain things. (How's that for vague?)

I'm also reading a lot. That's one ambition that has never changed: to read early (and late) and often!


  1. I remember taking a cruise once and checking out all these ship activities that I wouldn't normally pursue at home (e.g. fruit carving, bingo, etc...). Sometimes I think artistic pursuits such as writing can put us on that metaphorical ship where we try to stretch ourselves by exploring new things. Good luck with where you're headed.

    1. Thanks. I think that cruise example is a good one, and also trying new pursuits in life can lead to new writing. Art feeds life, and life feeds art.