Friday, March 4, 2016

Yes and no, old and new

In Loner in the Garret, I wrote about the power of "yes" and the power of "no," the times when we need to say one and the times when we need to say the other. Last year was a time when I said "no" a lot, as I needed to. Recently, "yes" has been more prevalent.

The one constant is the challenge of managing that shift, balancing the old and new. Finding room for what is added, knowing what and when to subtract. I talked with a friend today about decluttering, and she mentioned how it is not just about physical possessions, our material "stuff." It affects every area of our lives: what to keep, and what to let go of. Where to spend time and energy, not just money and space.

The changes are exhilarating. Making room for them is always a challenge.


  1. So true. I've been struggling for a while over WHAT to add back into my life--between the additional time and space that is created by our empty nest and the all-good challenges of going back to work full-time and reconnecting with my husband as a duo, instead of part of a trio. The conference I went to two weekends ago pointed me very strongly back to my writing, and the impetus is holding, but it's still a matter of remembering and reminding that this repriority is a choice I WANT to make and nodding at the opportunities to carve out time, instead of shaking my head and just staying with my reading escape or life chores. I'm falling back on my belief on slow and steady baby steps.