Sunday, November 8, 2015

Internal chatter around first drafts

This draft is not ...

like [fill-in-the-blank famous author's name]'s work
as good as [fill-in-the-blank awesome author's name]'s writing
particularly coherent
going anywhere
doing all the things it needs to do

required to be good
anything more than a FIRST draft
meant to be judged so soon
set in cement; it will change many times, and could disappear altogether
anyone else's work, and so it will not sound like anyone else
going to be all things to all people
meant to be anything more than exploratory

I have said that being a writer requires patience and persistence. It also requires the ability to tolerate imperfection.


  1. Doesn't it though, Jennifer. Thank you so much for this reminder, for it allows us to continue in our writing when many times we'd rather stop.