Sunday, November 22, 2015

Easing back into writing

Many of us go through times where we've had to step back from writing. Maybe life interfered. Maybe the well ran dry. Maybe we had to abandon a project and didn't know where to go next. Maybe we got restless.

Whatever the reason, it's sometimes daunting to step back into writing. It's like resuming physical exercise after some time away. We may need to warm up to it, especially if we're still feeling uncertain about where our writing will go next.

At such times, I like to try short pieces, exercises, and new genres. I reread old work, especially half-formed ideas and half-finished projects, to see if any embers there ignite. I start and stop. I try not to expect too much or be too hard on myself. I let the process catch me in its rhythm again. I remind myself of how much always ends up on the cutting-room floor. I keep an open mind, so as not to close out any options too soon.


  1. Like you, I am sneaking back up on my writing - mostly by reading and editing an existing manuscript (Jane again). I really do heartily recommend BIG MAGIC! by Liz Gilbert for you. It's one that is well worth you investing in, even though I know you're trying to cut down on stuff, because there's so much goodness in it and it really does merit reading and rereading and reading yet again.

    1. Thanks--it is on my list. Books are one of the few things I still buy, but also I've been using my library much more.