Monday, October 5, 2015


"... I began to understand that for me 'waste' had not come from idleness, but perhaps from pushing myself too hard, from not being idle enough, from listening to the demon who says 'make haste.' I had allowed the wrong kind of pressure to build up, that kind which brings frustration in its wake. I was helped by Louise Bogan's phrase 'Let life do it.'"

"What had looked for a while like a full stop was proving to be just the opposite, a chance for renewal, not so much through new life as through having the time and the chance to absorb what I already had in my pouch, so to speak."

These quotations from May Sarton's Plant Dreaming Deep speak to the value of sometimes stepping back instead of pushing forward, listening instead of talking, tuning in to a greater flow of energy. Ripening, refilling the well. Allowing the winter that precedes the spring.


  1. "Allowing the winter that precedes the spring." This comes at a time, when I feel like my fiction writing is taking backseat to my other endeavors. Maybe, I do need this time to refill the well.

  2. We're not machines, and we can't just churn out words constantly. We need time for reflection, for life, for other pursuits.