Monday, September 7, 2015

Going all out

Sometimes it seems that the biggest lesson in writing, and the one I have to keep learning over and over, is not to pull my punches.

And I keep seeing reminders everywhere: in tennis players who run all out and lunge at the ball; in singers who seem to draw their voices up from their toes; in dancers who pour fire into their performances. I want to write that way.

But the more you invest in a work, the more vulnerable you are. It runs counter to our instincts--or to mine, anyway--to drop self-protectiveness, to take risks. It's like sending up a balloon and hoping nobody sticks a pin in it.

It also takes tremendous energy--physical, mental, emotional--to give 100% at the writing desk.

Many things about writing become easier with time and practice. This part doesn't. In fact, I think it gets more difficult.


  1. Jennifer, you are so correct here. The only difference is that I liken my writing to giving birth. The energy needed to create these newborn works is immeasurable. To create the life within the story leaves the writer truly vulnerable. Thanks or sharing.

    1. And each creation takes its own individual, unpredictable path to existence!