Friday, August 14, 2015

New projects

When I have trouble focusing a new project, or even choosing what to write about, these are some questions that help me:

What do I find to be true?
What matters to me?
What subject will not leave me alone?
What character must be heard?
What have I always wanted to say?
What ground have I not covered yet?
Whose voice is speaking to me right now?
If I knew I could only write one more book, what would I want it to be?


  1. Years ago, I did a writing exercise out of a book called The Novelist's Notebook where I was asked to list my obsessions and note why those were items I obsessed over. The worksheet goes on to quote from a writer named Eudora Welty who wrote: "It's not really quibbling to say that a writer's subject, in due time, chooses the writer- not of course as a writer, but as the man or woman who comes across it by living and has it to struggle with.".....and a quote by Anne Rice "Writers write about what obsesses them..." (Her full quote can probably be found online).

    I went and dug up my old workbook to comment here. Flipping through the pages, I see how my writerly self has both changed and not changed in various ways since I first jotted stuff in here many years ago.

    1. It stands to reason that we will write about what we are passionate about.