Sunday, March 8, 2015

Random thoughts

Thank you for all your thoughts on "caring about characters" so far (my previous post). I do plan to do a follow-up post incorporating those ideas, but I'm still letting the thoughts simmer.

In the meantime, I found this quote in a Tin House interview with Daniel Menaker from a few years back (Volume 10, No. 3):

" ... the Internet is a really huge shift in the way people are encountering text. I mean, I feel somewhat rueful about it, and sad, but ...  sometimes what we see as a passing of a good thing into a bad thing is actually more nearly a passing of one thing into another thing."

Something to chew on while we cope with having that hour stolen from us last night. Or maybe you're all over that already, while I am still bitter. I have more trouble adjusting to Daylight Stealing Saving Time than anyone I know. If I had my way, instead of turning the clocks ahead an hour, we East Coasters would move them back three hours and pretend we are all living in California.


  1. I don't like DST either. I can never get it right. I went to work an hour early in a panic today, convinced I was going to be late. Got a text from my mom just before I walked in the door and embarrassed myself...but last year when we gained an hour, my phone did NOT reset, so I also went to work an hour early. At 6 AM. Meaning I woke up at 5. And got all confused as to why no one was there. *sigh* The kicker is we don't even NEED DST anymore because it was created for a mostly agrarian society without electric light or modern technology. Gah.

    1. What gets me are all the claims that we are getting "an extra hour of daylight."
      We have exactly the same amount of daylight that we would have if we didn't change the clocks.