Monday, February 16, 2015

What shall we call it

I'm good at coming up with titles for books that nobody has written. It's harder to come up with titles for the books I've written. When they're in progress, I use working titles that are most often named after the main character or some feature I had in mind when I first began the book. For example, Until It Hurts to Stop was in a file named "Margaret," after the main character. I got the title for that book by pulling a phrase out of the text, a phrase that seemed to work on a couple of levels.

But it never gets easier. For my work in progress, I came up with what I thought was a decent title. When I did a search, I discovered that it is a good title--so good that another writer is using it on a book coming out this spring. Titles can be reused, but not so close together.

I keep saying I should write about something so strange and obscure that there will be no competition for possible titles!


  1. Struggling with this at the moment! I booked a popular cover designer back in August, and my slot is coming up next week. I thought for sure I'd know by now what the title of the book is, but inspiration hasn't hit yet! Ack! Maybe I'll start a new trend for book covers with no words on them!

    1. I think a musician or two tried that with album titles--having no title on the cover!