Saturday, December 27, 2014

Carpe diem

I had a whole list of things to do today, and I did a few of them, but then the woods beckoned. It was another sunny, blue-skied day after a long stretch of what had felt like (and maybe was) weeks of dreary grayness. And tomorrow the rain returns.

So I left some of my indoor chores undone. I went on a hike with my husband and our local hiking club. Stretched the legs, enjoyed the sun and the scent of earth and the quiet trees biding their time until spring, and the song of a white-throated sparrow (thanks, Cliff, for telling us what that was). Seized the day.


  1. Aww, I love this. I'm happy to see you getting out! It's turning dark and dreary here, and I'm worried it will never go away.

    1. We had quite the stretch of living inside a raincloud. But Christmas Day brought sunshine, which lasted a few days. Hope you see the sun soon!