Friday, November 28, 2014

Peaceful times

Thanksgiving is a time when I like to be contemplative, to slow down and think.

A few things that aid me in this:

1. The cat. There's something about the pace with which he moves when he is grooming himself that seems to slow down time. He gives full attention to each paw, each ear. He never hurries. He is completely calm.

2. The woods. I've always found trees to be wonderful companions. They are silent, or maybe their leaves rustle a bit; they provide shade. They filter light. The provide carpets of leaves or needles. Some of them flower or fruit. They have a sturdiness, a solidity.

3. The ocean. Immense, salty, with waves as regular as breathing. I never tire of watching it or listening to it.

4. Waking up slowly. It's such a blessing not to have to jump out of bed at the blare of the alarm clock. To come out of sleep gradually, to file away the night's dreams and set my waking thoughts in order.

5. Walking. My general practice is to walk at least a mile a day, farther on weekends and other days when I don't have to work my day job. Walking is meditative. I don't bring cell phones, music, or any gadgets with me, so that I can fully engage with my own thoughts or the world around me.

What helps you slow down, relax, be fully present?


  1. No. 4 is a true pleasure I like to indulge in.

    My knitting/crocheting helps me slow my mind down.

    1. Yes, I can see how knitting and crocheting could do this. Once upon a time, I used to embroider, and it had a similar effect.