Saturday, August 30, 2014

Beach reading

I think that when most people talk about "beach reads," they mean light reading, books that are heavy on action and thrills.

For me, vacation reading trends in the opposite direction. Vacation is when I have the time and leisure to approach a quiet and thoughtful book, or to dig into a slow, meaty tome. When I've worked all day, I often want a book that doesn't require intense concentration or considering philosophical nuances. On vacation, I'm rested enough to read slowly and deeply.

But I'm glad there are all kinds of books, for all kinds of moods and seasons.


  1. When I think beach reads, I usually think light reads- unless I will be going to the beach for a few days. Then- I am with you! I have more time to do some "thinking" reading, that I don't always have time for in my hectic schedule. :)