Monday, July 7, 2014


If inner critics or little worrying voices are too harsh, if the internal doomsayer won't shut up about catastrophic what-ifs, here are a few countering questions:

What if everything turns out OK?
What if I can accept that I'm doing the best I can?
What if the worst doesn't happen?
What if it doesn't have to be perfect?
What if I trust that there will be a solution?

Still having computer issues, so my online presence is spotty, but I am able to post this today.


  1. So helpful! I think I often get stuck because the internal editor constantly asks is that the best way to present this scene or conversation? Then the lure of other possible roads can have me second-guessing every decision. What if good enough actually is good enough?

    1. Yes--those internal voices can be exhausting, and sometimes it's enough already!