Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Then write that book

The blog Three Guys One Book has a regular feature called "When We Fell in Love," in which writers talk about falling in love with stories. Recently, Jaime Clarke described how his writing career began, when the Hardy Boys joined forces with a teacher who was willing to challenge and mentor him.

A sample: "My teacher ... overheard me bragging ... that not only had I read all of the Hardy Boys mysteries, but that I could probably even write one if I wanted to."

It always looks easy until you try it yourself, right?


  1. Exactly! Writing looks so much easier from the outside. But what a great teacher to call him on it and then support him that way.

    1. It was pretty impressive that she put in that effort, and that he rose to the challenge. That's why teachers and students shouldn't have to spend all their time drilling for standardized tests, IMHO.

  2. Right! See you at the SJWG meeting tonight!