Sunday, May 18, 2014

Good walking cities

This weekend I visited Hooray For Books! in Alexandria VA, where I appeared with Dianne Salerni (author of The Eighth Day and The Caged Graves) and S. E. Green (author of Killer Instinct). We got to visit with some enthusiastic teen readers and talk about our favorite books.

While I was in the area, I swung by Chocolate Chocolate, an amazing store whose story is described in this book. Every piece of candy I brought back with me has been delicious so far. I also walked through the Mall on my way to the metro. I love walking in DC; it feels like America's living room. Passing the White House, the newly reopened Washington Monument, glimpsing the Capitol in the distance ...

And then there are the people. Protesters. People wearing identical T-shirts for a family reunion. Tourists visiting the Smithsonian. A man steering a pedicab and telling his passengers that his day job is as a teacher.

I've always found Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Philadelphia to be good walking cities. This trip reminded me that Washington is high on the list. What are your other favorites?

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