Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Every phase is great except this one

The "Grass is Greener" Syndrome as expressed in the phases of writing:

1. First drafts are such a pain. Pulling ideas out of the air, doing all the heavy lifting of world-building. I can't wait to be editing this thing.
2. Foundational edits are the worst! Figuring out where whole scenes have to go. Adding and deleting characters. Major shifts in tone; addressing big-picture comments like, "Make character less boring," and, "Have more at stake." I miss the freedom of drafting, when it didn't have to be perfect or even good!
3. Ugh, line edits. These would be okay if I weren't so sick of looking at the story by now. Also, every change I make in one sentence means changing the next one. And going through a manuscript, deleting half the occurrences of the word "just," is not exactly thrilling. I can't wait to start something new.
4. If copy edits teach me anything, it is that the comma is a wily creature whose rules can never fully be known. I'd rather be line editing!
5. Wow, it's such a shock to start a first draft after spending so much time on revisions, working on a manuscript that was fairly solid. I feel like I'm floundering, facing the blank page again. If only I could be editing instead ...

And so it goes!


  1. So true! (Particularly the bit about the word "just" -- have you been reading my manuscript??)

    1. "Just" implants and propagates itself in manuscripts everywhere!