Monday, March 24, 2014

Yet still have such a nice day

Two blog posts I read today struck a similar chord, and I think both are worth sharing.

From bardcat, on "a mission:"
"I cannot calculate the pros and cons or the what ifs of tomorrow. I can only live today, this moment, now! I can choose happiness today."

I also love the quote from the Dalai Lama that he used in this post.

From Jo Knowles:
"On the ugly days, when your world has come to a screeching halt, it may seem impossible to you that it's still spinning perfectly for everyone else. ... When life is beautiful, you might not want to hear about the stomach flu your friend's son has, or about the dying twenty-year-old cat of some acquaintance on Facebook .... Because the world is spinning perfectly that day, and you do not want to be pulled off the ride one more time.

"... And what I'm learning over and over again is that life, whether ugly or beautiful, is a gift. What we do with it is a choice."

I know, and I believe these bloggers know, that "making the choice" is not easy. It's not a snap of the fingers. It's not about denying true pain or stuffing it down. It's about looking for the beauty in this moment, the beauty we might not notice because there's so much else going on, much of it ugly and painful.

This also fits with a passage in a book I'm reading (Body Counts, by Sean Strub), in which the narrator visits a friend who is dying of AIDS (one of many Strub knew who died that way). "'I am way past the point where I would have thought I wanted to die ...'" Strub's friend, Ken Dawson, said. "'But today is a good day,' he went on. 'I am glad to see you.' He lightly squeezed my hand. 'Do you see how beautifully the sun shining through the window reflects on the wall?' ... He gave a wan smile. 'I never thought I could be so sick and yet still have such a nice day.'"

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