Thursday, March 27, 2014

Visiting with readers

It's my turn at YA Outside the Lines, where I blogged about how my books can be used in the classroom.

I don't talk much here about my school visits and other appearances, because I'm not sure how wide the interest is among my blog readership. But if you are a teacher or librarian or bookseller, please know that I do accept invitations. :-) Or if you are a member of a book club and want to invite me to a discussion of one of my books. I LOVE talking to book clubs!

So while we're on the subject, here are a couple of photos from a recent school visit I did:

wgtn twp 2014 talk

wgtn twp 2014 depp
photos courtesy of Washington Township High School, Sewell, NJ

The first picture shows me talking to a large group at the school. The second picture shows me hanging out after the talk with one of the inspiring props they had there in the library. Johnny Depp wants you to READ!!

And a grateful shout-out to the school and everyone in the library, because they really were welcoming and efficient and enthusiastic, everything you could want in a hosting school.


  1. I bet school visits are so much fun. And book club visits would be super amazing- especially if there's yummy food, lol! I'd love to start a book club someday and inviting an author for a discussion is something to keep in mind.

    1. I think lots of authors would be willing to do that. Even if they don't live nearby, there's always Skype!

  2. As an aspiring author, I'd appreciate reading about your school visits. It'd give me something else to consider as part of my writing journey.