Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sometimes it happens this way: Guest post by Grete DeAngelo

I thought it might be nice to feature a "How I Met My Publisher" story, because in a field known for plentiful rejections and long waits, it's nice to remember that dreams still do come true! I met today's guest blogger at a writers' conference. I can't promise that any given conference will lead to a book deal. But, as you will see, sometimes they do ...

So here's Grete DeAngelo!

I met Jennifer recently at the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group "The Write Stuff" conference. She presented two informative sessions on writing for the Young Adult market, specifically in choosing a voice, a point of view, and dialogue for this audience. Even though I don't write YA, Jennifer gave me a lot of great ideas that cross any genre.

This was my second year attending this conference. Last year, I showed up with a women's fiction manuscript and the hopes of becoming a published author. I had a chance to meet with two agents and a small publishing house. Deborah Riley-Magnus from Assent Publishing said my story intrigued her and asked me to email her the manuscript.

Within a few months of the conference, I had signed a contract with Assent and had my first novel published. Becoming an author went from a pie-in-the-sky dream to moving very fast, and these days, I'm trying to balance my roles as a mother and teacher with those of writing my second novel and continuing to get the word out about my first.

Giving Myself Away is the story of divorced mom Adrienne, who accidentally gets pregnant and realizes she wants to give the baby up for adoption. Her family and the baby's father are opposed to the idea, so she has the difficult job of trying to convince them all that she's doing the best thing for the baby, even as she second-guesses herself.

Even though this is a woman's journey, I've found a happy audience for Giving Myself Away though my current and former students, who are constantly passing YA novels along to me! I remember well being a teenager and wondering what life would be like as a woman, what choices I'd make about marriage and children and career.

I'd like to thank Jennifer for asking me to guest blog. If you're interested in checking out some women's fiction that readers keep telling me is "so real," here are the links:
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