Friday, March 14, 2014


In my neighborhood, snowdrops and crocuses have come up, the first flowers I've seen this year.

They are among the earliest, the first arrivals (usually preceded or accompanied by witch hazel, the earliest cherry trees, and/or glory-of-the-snow).

All month, when I've been calculating how long until this or that event, I've been thinking, "Well, now it's January, so that trip is X months away ..." and then catching myself. No, it's not January. It's March.

And finally it looks like March instead of January: Bare brown grass. Melting snow. Bright sun and cold wind and clouds, all in rapid succession. Birds growing louder, more active. Robins hunting on the exposed parts of the lawn, hopping aggressively as if to hurry the retreating snow that covers the rest.

We may get more snow come Monday.

But that's another story.

Today, the crocuses and the snowdrops have opened.

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