Sunday, December 8, 2013

What if

There's a jewelry commercial on TV right now (I think it's for Jared jewelers) that features a guy proposing in the aisle of an airplane. (I don't know what kind of plane that is, because I've never been on one where there was nearly enough room to kneel down and propose, but I digress.) Anyway, in the commercial the woman says yes, the flight attendant makes an announcement, and all the passengers have a little story to tell about their flight.

It's cute, but the writer in me can't help asking what if the story went in another direction. What if this is the first hour of a very long flight, and the woman says no instead of yes? I could write the story of that flight in dozens of different ways.

That's where I get a lot of my story ideas: by asking what if an incident went the other way. What if these people took a different road, what if they chose this instead of that, went here instead of there?


  1. I've seen that commercial! And any time I hear about that jewelry store, I think of a Lord of the Rings meme I saw once- Smeagle holding up 'the Ring' with a caption that says 'He went to Jared's'. =)