Sunday, December 1, 2013


Lisa Scottoline advocates "UnResolutions" instead of New Year's resolutions. Resolutions can be so negative, she says ... all about what we want to stop doing and being, the things we want to change. UnResolutions are the things we like that we want to continue.

I suppose "keep reading books," "keep taking walks," and "keep enjoying chocolate" would be on my list. And this year I finally got around to spending more time on my porch--the porch that is such a great feature of the house and that I had been too busy to sit on, until I made time this year. So, another UnResolution would be to spend more time on the porch--and I can combine that with the book reading, so double win! (I guess I could combine it with the chocolate for the trifecta.)

I figured I would give people plenty of time to think about this by blogging about it now. If you like this idea, you have a month to figure out what good things you'd like to continue. :-)


  1. Aww, what a great way to look at it! Really, that's awesome. This past year has been absolutely fantastic for me with goals I made at the beginning. I've accomplished a lot of what I set out to do. A lot of bad stuff happened too, but I think I'll remember the good more than the bad. I think for this coming year I'll definitely be making some unresolutions and keep up what I've been doing this year!

  2. I like this. My first thought was that I'm actually on autopilot with the thints I would want to unresolve, if that's the correct verb form. But then...maybe not. I'm going to see if anything else comes to mind, something I've been putting even a small amount of effort into, an effort I might want to continue. Cool.