Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow, and ups and downs

Snow turned the world extraordinary today. The branches are still frosted, the lawns still smooth. It looks like a stage set for a video of "Winter Wonderland." We're about to run out there in our old-timey cloaks and fur hats and jump in our horse-drawn sleigh, suitably bedecked with jingle bells ...

Sorry, I got carried away there. Anyway, the snow also gave me a poem--the first draft of a poem, anyway.

In other news, this post by Sean Williams on Janni Simner's blog was much appreciated. He writes: "It’s a natural law that careers go up and down. When I started out, up was the only way my career could go. Now, it could go either way ..." I liked it because I remember expecting, before I published, that I would struggle for a long time but once I "broke through," I would keep moving upward, steadily. I thought every success would be followed by a bigger success. I think many writers expect this, without even articulating it, because it seems so commonsensical: you work hard and you're patient, then you get the reward, right? Nobody talks about how sometimes the reward falls and breaks, or how the next reward may be farther away than expected. But a downturn is not necessarily permanent, either. A setback doesn't mean that a career is over--especially in a business that's changing so quickly. There are ways and genres of publishing now that weren't viable even six or seven years ago.

The only certainty is change.


  1. I think you already know that I really need to read this right now. :)

    1. This series Janni is running is a veritable public service for writers!