Sunday, November 10, 2013

What writers do

In 2011, my story "Confessions and Chocolate Brains" appeared in the anthology Truth & Dare. In the story, a boy gives his girlfriend chocolate brains (with peanut-butter filling) as a present. It's a medically-themed present, because they are both planning to become doctors and live happily ever after. As you might guess, the "happily ever after" is jeopardized, because stories must have conflict ... but it's not jeopardized by the chocolate brains. The girlfriend loves the chocolate brains.

If you read that story and also liked the chocolate brains, you may be pleased to see this little item in the Computer Gear catalog: gelatin molds that are brain- and heart-shaped. And when I say heart-shaped, I don't mean a valentine. I mean an anatomical heart. Click on the link to see some actual molded, quivering gelatin products. I'm only sorry I didn't see this before Halloween, because just imagine the zip that a gelatin brain could have added to a Halloween party! (By the way, I'm receiving no compensation for mentioning this. I mention it entirely for my own amusement and, I hope, yours.)

But a writer's life is more than glitz, glamour, chocolate brains and organ-shaped gelatin molds. I found the following gem in Kathleen Norris's The Cloister Walk, and I think for "poet" you could substitute the more general "writer:"

"Once, when I was asked, 'What is the main thing a poet does?' I was inspired to answer, 'We wait.'"

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