Thursday, October 31, 2013

Things to see and do

This is turning out to be a week for me to feature some new books by writer friends ... it's a theme that developed on its own, so I'm going with it. The latest offering is Jeannine Atkins's Views from a Window Seat: Thoughts on Writing and Life, which is described thusly:


"Every writer needs inspiration, whether composing fiction, poetry, or fact-based work for an audience of children or adults. Both inspiration and company, Views from a Window Seat: Thoughts on Writing and Life poses and answers questions such as: How do we decide the best way to begin a book? How do we keep up our momentum during the long middle? What are some ways to know we’ve reached an ending? How do we tell the truth?"

I've taken a poetry workshop from Jeannine and enjoyed her book Borrowed Names, so I think this one is worth checking out.

In other news, Children's Book World in Haverford, PA is having its annual author/illustrator night this Friday, Nov. 1, at 8 PM. In attendance will be Jerry Spinelli, K. M. Walton, April Lindner, Tiffany Schmidt, Kelly Fineman, Donna Jo Napoli, among many others (including yours truly). You come, too.


  1. Jenn, thanks for mentioning my new book. And I haven't yet congratulated you on yours, which I look forward to reading. What a great line up tonight! Hope it's lots of fun and we get reports!