Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Artful Dodger rides again?

One strength of Charles Dickens was the depth of his secondary characters. In fact, they sometimes threatened to steal the show from the main character. This was especially true of Oliver Twist, a book from which the title character virtually disappears in the later pages, ceding the stage to his supporting cast.

One of Twist's memorable secondary characters is the Artful Dodger, who showed an amazing amount of street savvy for his age. When I read this news story, I couldn't help thinking, "Sounds like something the Dodger would pull off, if he were real and living in the 21st Century."

(This is how you can tell I'm a reader; everything reminds me of a story.)


  1. Is it Wemick, the character in Great Expectations who lives with his Aged Parent? He totally stole the stage for me when I read that book!

    1. I don't remember Wemick, but then I read Great Expecations much longer ago than Oliver Twist.