Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Guest post: Ace Hansen with a humorous middle-grade mystery

My writer friends have been prolific lately! One of them has channeled the spirit of an irreverent cartoon alien, Ace Hansen, to produce a funny, down-to-earth MG mystery. Ace Hansen describes this literary adventure below.

Interestingly, our alien author (speaking here) has chosen a human narrator for his book--a boy named Julius Caesar Brown. Probably because humans are the creatures most likely to read this story, which has been available as an e-book and has been newly released in paperback. I suppose we humans are most appreciative of mysteries and--shall we say, gastrointestinal humor?

Take it away, Ace:

Ace Hansen, distinguished author

Thanks, Jenn, for inviting me to hang out on your blog today. Some of you Earthlings have been asking what's so special about my book. Holy asteroid! What could be more special than a book written by me, a humble green alien? Your world is farting green! What could be more interesting than that?

What? You still want to know why you should read my book? Because you Earthlings like to make that strange sound out of your tiny mouths and noses you call giggling or guffawing or busting a gut or being in stitches and other strange things like that. This book will do that to you, even if you're an old Earthling (that’s more than 13 in Earth years, in case you were wondering).

You still aren't running out to buy my book because you don't like to read books? Because you'd rather play video games in which you splatter green aliens from one end of the galaxy to the other? Well, if you start farting green one day, I guarantee you'll want to find out why. If you're the least bit curious, this is the book for you.

Only I know the answer to the green gas mystery.


Well, me and all the smart Earthlings who’ve already read the book, available here.


  1. I love this humble green alien's voice. Something tells me that this is a fun book for all Earthlings.

    1. I'm halfway through, and enjoying it! I needed something fun. :-)