Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cue the confetti

Last week I posted about bullying, because the aftermath of being bullied is a big part of my new book: the way that abusive treatment affects people's minds and relationships long afterward.

But my main character is not just a victim; she's a survivor. She has friends, and a possible love interest. She likes hiking, and she and her best friend try to hike up a few mountains.

Not at all coincidentally, I like to hike myself. And I did borrow a few incidents from my real-life hikes for the book--for example, a certain rattlesnake (who probably had no idea s/he would end up in a book someday); a rainstorm; and a summit so windy I couldn't stand up.

Anyway, I'll stop talking about this book now, because as of today you can read it for yourself, if you're so inclined. It is now officially Out In the World!  And thank you for celebrating with me. :-)


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