Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bringing old books back to life

As an author, it's sometimes tempting to look at other parts of the publishing and bookselling process and daydream about how it would be to have one of those jobs instead. Many of us fantasize occasionally about the bookstores we'd run, the titles we'd acquire as an editor, or the authors we'd bring to the world's attention as agents. Some people in the publishing world do wear multiple hats: author-editor; agent-author; bookseller-agent; author-publicist; and so on.

In dreaming such dreams, I've sometimes wished I could republish my favorite out-of-print books, the ones I read over and over but that nobody else ever seems to have heard of. In the way that sports fans build fantasy teams, I could build an imaginary publisher's list.

Colleen Mondor and Katrina Pearson had this same dream. But they did something about it, creating Shorefast Editions. Read more here, including some of the nuts-and-bolts details of starting your own publishing company. A couple of samples:

"A year ago I was complaining to my old and dear friend Katrina ... about all the ways in which the publishing world drives me crazy. (Every author I know will understand this conversation.)"

"And we did it. We talked about something we thought was wrong, something we thought should be fixed and we did it. We brought a book back from the dead."

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