Thursday, July 11, 2013

Finding the way

Recently on his blog, Michael Merriam mused about losing the passion for writing, and finding it again. About questioning the dream. I highly recommended it (note: if you're uncomfortable with cussing, there is just a bit). A sample of the post:

"I had lost my way, become too caught up in the numbers game, worrying about money, about conforming to societal expectation concerning what is really worthwhile work, about my imaginary position in an imaginary hierarchy of writers, about marketing and blogging and being public, and about not ever being able to break through to the big-time despite being fairly well-respected by my peers. ..."

And then I find this line in Margot Peters's biography of May Sarton: "Her attitude toward her own work volleyed between satisfaction and despair." Anyone out there familiar with that volley?  ;-)


  1. yep, I volley those feelings back and forth just about every day.

  2. Thank yo uso much for sharing that. It's exactly what I needed.

  3. Right now, definitely!! Querying is one of the most disheartening processes - it's making me constantly question everything.

    1. I used to think of every query as being like a lottery ticket--it probably wouldn't pay off, but it might. That helped keep it fun!