Sunday, July 28, 2013

A summer Sunday salad of links

Yesterday was my monthly post at YA Outside the Lines, this time about the best summer of my teen years (hint: It involved writing. Also gamelan, the Beatles, an unfinished film, Shakespeare, and acceptance).

Other recommended blog reading includes:

Becky Levine discussing "A thing to hang my plot on." Sample: "I was constantly struggling to think about what [my main character] might/could/should do next…and why." (Follow the link to see how she tackled this plotting problem.)

This interview of Bennett Madison on The Rejectionist: "There are also all these questions of influence when it comes to YA that I don't think are asked (or asked nearly as much) about books marketed to grown-ups. Do YA writers bear an added responsibility to educate or inspire ... ? ... These questions hinge, to me, on what's an essentially false premise: that adults are going to think critically about a book while teenagers will sort of just receive it unquestioningly. I don't think that's true at all ..."

And Nova Ren Suma on public speaking despite shyness, including tips for how to approach events: "I say I don’t get nervous before events anymore—and I don’t, really—but I’ve noticed there is always one nervous, heart-pounding moment during an event and that’s okay…"

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