Friday, June 14, 2013

Endless lists

I think many of us feel rushed and frantic but believe that eventually, if we keep working harder and faster and longer and making new plans and trying new systems, we will get to that magical place where we have crossed the last thing off our lists and are now officially Caught Up and On Top of Things. Until then, we strive, apologize, juggle, and worry.

Can't rest yet, right? Because there is more to do.

But, says Randy Ingermanson, there is always more to do. "You will never get your life under control, if by 'control' you mean that all your lists are finished," he writes. He also says, "If your life isn’t fragmented, you might be a robot. Or God. Or deceased. ... I can’t tell you how you SHOULD deal with it all. But I can tell you how I deal with it. If it sounds like it might work for you, then try it."

I know it's comforting for me just to stop chasing the elusive Zero In Box. But his whole article is worth reading. I found it here, reprinted on the blog of Kristi Holl, via a link from Cynthia Leitich Smith's blog Cynsations.