Sunday, May 26, 2013

Valuable writing tip

I wanted to post something about inflexibility. At least, that is what my notes indicate. I have a notebook next to my keyboard in which I jot ideas for stories, blog posts, etc. And in the place where I remember writing down an idea for my next blog post, I find this: "inflexibility." Okay. What about inflexibility? What profound thoughts did I have to share on that topic? I cannot remember. Which just goes to show that sometimes one word is enough as a memory-jogging note, and sometimes it is not.

Below "inflexibility" I have this word: "ghazal." I remember exactly why I wrote down "ghazal." Alas, it has nothing to do with a blog post. It was because someone online mentioned ghazals and I want to look them up sometime and see how they are written, because I think it might be a fun exercise for myself to try writing one. (This is how writers par-tay.) In that case, one word was sufficient as a note. But you, my blog readers, are probably thinking, as well you might: That's all very nice for you, going off to write your fun ghazal sometime, but what does it do for me? What does it tell me about inflexibility? Nothing! And I'm sad to say: If that is what you are thinking, you are right.

Writers are advised to have notebooks with them at all times to catch the ideas they will want to remember later. Here is my writing tip for the day: Make sure your notes in that notebook are both legible and of sufficient length to capture whatever it was you wanted to remember.   ;-)


  1. That's so true about the notes captured. Many times I've found myself wondering about what I'd meant about something I'd put down.

    1. Sometimes I actually try to convince myself I'll remember something without even writing it down. Luckily, I can't fool myself often with that one anymore!