Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Two nourishing places that I've been online recently:

To celebrate National Poetry Month, Susan Taylor Brown has been posting "poems modeled on other poems. This is a great exercise in the classroom, especially for students (or adults) who are intimidated by the idea of writing poetry. What you do is pick a model, or mentor poem, and then write your own version of the poem." I love the directions she has taken with this. For example, if you remember the William Carlos Williams poem about the plums in the icebox, try Susan's take, which manages to suggest a novel's worth of story in just 28 words.

And this post by Jim Hines on "Living the Dream" reminds me that I, too, am living my dream, and I have much to be thankful for. Yes, I could wish for more. I could wish that I were a household-name writer like JK Rowling. But honestly? There's a line in my first book where one character says, "If you're lucky, you should know you're lucky." Writing books is a strange roller-coaster of an avocation. It's not for the squeamish or the impatient. But it's still pretty awesome, and I know I'm lucky. As Jim Hines says, that doesn't mean that it isn't work. Writing success doesn't fall from the sky into one's upturned palm. It's work, but (often) happy work.


  1. It might appear that the grass would always appear greener if we were elsewhere in our career relative to where we are now. But I think we should be able to count our blessings and be able to celebrate what we've done so far.