Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gift books

We've just gone through a major gift-giving season, and I started musing on the different types of gift books that we give and receive. And so I give you this list:

I bought this book for you because ...

It was on your list.
I know you love this author.
I think you have some interest in the topic, kind of, maybe? At least I think I heard you mention it once?
I had no idea what else to buy you.
I loved this book and I want everyone I know to read it.
I loved this book and hope we can talk about it.
I want to convert you to this religion/diet/self-help school of thought/political party.
The pictures are pretty.
I didn't know you already had it.
It's good for a laugh.
It's a classic.
I saw it mentioned on TV.
It was easy to wrap.
Everyone seems to be reading this book.
It has major significance for us, being a book that: we both love / we discussed on our first date / we both wrote our theses on / was written by our dad ...
I thought of you when I read it.