Friday, November 30, 2012

YA for NJ

Just a quick note: There's a major charity auction, YA for NJ, going on right now. (The home page for YA for NJ lists only the first 100 items that are up for bid. In order to see all the items you must click the link at the bottom of the page, "Go see all current items for sale by this member.")

The auction benefits the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, to aid in the efforts to feed those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Everything from autographed books to professional critiques to ARCs to Skype visits to the chance to have your name in a book is being auctioned off, with more than 150 authors and editors contributing. And right now there are some real steals available: the entire Soho Teen List in 2013 with an opening bid of only $50 ... A professional manuscript critique and a basket of books with the bidding only up to $46 as of this writing ... three signed novels by Sarah Darer Littman with the bidding at $17.10 as of this writing ... three Ellen Wittlinger novels with the bidding currently at $15 ... two signed Nina LaCour novels for an opening bid of $12 ... and that's just for starters. Also, if you've never gotten around to my books, you could try for both of my novels (signed) with the bidding now at $12.

So check it out!

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