Monday, September 3, 2012

It's okay to stop

I've been meaning to link to this ever since I read it. Dawn Metcalf posted about the value (sometimes the necessity) of slowing down, even stopping.

There are so many wonderful, and true, and sometimes amusing points in that post. Among them:

"It's hard to shoot for the moon and miss. It's doubly-hard to do it publicly, in front of everyone and your mother. And triply-hard to do it while smiling and keep going."

"I felt like I had to keep it up, keep it going, push harder, or I was going to miss my chance to catch the wave and be left behind. I began spending far too much time at the computer and getting less done."

But the story has a happy ending, so click over to see how she got there.

It's okay to step off the treadmill. Sometimes, it's essential.