Sunday, August 26, 2012

A tossed salad of ideas

Random thoughts for the day:

--Librarians are awesome. I got the chance to talk to several this weekend, and I was bowled over (once more) by their passion and dedication. Their hurdles get higher every year. Some policy-makers think they're expendable. But while the librarians are being nickel-and-dimed, they're constantly thinking of ways to get kids engaged with books, with music, with video, with technology, with all the resources libraries provide. Those of us who value libraries need to support them at every turn: with our money, our voices, and our votes.

--After talking to the librarians, I got to talk to some authors and readers. And a mysterious, rather bony gentleman in a dashing hat, as recorded by Beth Kephart.

--An astronaut leaves us as a storm called Isaac approaches. It's a poor trade.

--I was thinking of the kinds of sessions people ought to have at writers' conferences and came up with these, in addition to the traditional sessions on craft and marketing: ergonomics and carpal tunnel; business and taxes; legal issues for writers. Too bad I'm not on the planning committee for any conferences, but I'll just float these ideas out into the air. They may catch somewhere.

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