Saturday, June 16, 2012


This post is partly just for fun, but it's also related to character quirks.

I was thinking about the things I don't like that most other people seem to, and it occurred to me that in such things (as well as things we're not "supposed to" like that we actually do) may be found some of the uniqueness of our fictional characters. So I came up with these lists:

Things I Should Like But Don't:
--new car smell
--raw cookie dough
--alcoholic beverages

Things I Shouldn't Like But Do:
--the Academy Awards (given that I rarely watch movies and usually haven't seen any of the nominees in a given year, it's a mystery to me why I still care who wins; and given my general indifference to fashion, I can't explain why I have to see every gown)
--Cheesy '70s pop music
--shoveling snow
--shag carpeting

In what ways do your characters' tastes depart from those of the mainstream, or their peer groups? Does your 17-year-old male MC have a secret fondness for Lawrence Welk? Does your edgy, rebellious 16-year-old female MC still watch children's movies and get weepy over the endings? Do they get together and form a kazoo band, or study the stock market? How do these characteristics relate to the main plot?

For bonus fun, see this tongue-in-cheek editing chart over at Terri-Lynne DeFino's blog. Sure, you may know the editorial symbols for "delete" and "transpose," but do you know the symbols for "characters should fight" or "remove permanently from your lexicon?"


  1. Those editing symbols are a blast!

    Also, I'm inspired to do a list of these things as well. Very very interesting.