Sunday, June 17, 2012

Odds and ends

Random thoughts today:

--This line in one of Jack Kerouac's letters made me chuckle:
"What's going on? How can there be so much silence emanating from so many manuscripts?"
Even though he wrote that to his agent, Sterling Lord, in 1955*, it's a sentence that today's writers still utter from time to time. Plus ca change ...

--I wrote a guest post for Jennifer M. Eaton on the topic, "Your Mileage May Vary," about how one size rarely fits all when it comes to writing and publishing advice. A sample: "If I’ve learned anything from knowing other writers, it’s that there are many, many paths through this business. If there were only one path, one formula that worked for everyone, we’d all be using it and we’d all be rich."

--Tying that "find your path" idea in with more from Kerouac: When he was trying to get his second book published, he was advised to "'get away from Beat G[eneration] themes.'"* When that second book was finally published--On the Road, the book still most closely associated with the Beat Generation--it became a phenomenon. Good thing he didn't follow that advice.

--I've sponsored a few Kickstarter campaigns, but I've never experienced anything like the energy of the Kickstarter campaign to distribute the film "Fat Kid Rules the World." (This movie is based on the excellent YA novel of the same name by K.L. Going.) These guys spread the word like crazy, and kept the contributors updated as the campaign raced to the wire (it did meet its funding goal). The whole thing has been great fun to be a part of.

*source: Jack Kerouac: Selected Letters 1940-1956, edited by Ann Charters.

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