Thursday, June 14, 2012

The joys of revision

One of the paradoxes of writing is that it is a miserable, difficult, complicated, unpredictable, confusing activity that is a source of great joy, meaning, fulfillment, and satisfaction.

Go figure.

In that spirit, I greatly enjoyed this conversation over at Three Guys One Book called, "Why revising your novel is like wanting to throw up." The participants in this lively dialogue go on about self-doubt, writer brain vs. editor brain, rejection, and the temptation to give up. And--paradox alert!--even though I agree with practically every word they say, I also think writing is the greatest job around, and I'm not a martyr either. Here's a sample: "The saying goes, 'Everyone has a novel in them.' I disagree. Everyone has the first 50 pages of a novel in them. Writers are the ones who can finish a book." Also: " ... an agent once left my manuscript in the produce section of Gristedes supermarket, and I got a call from the manager saying he had my novel, and what should he do with it?"

In other news, I'll be part of a great event at Mendham Books (Mendham, NJ) this Saturday at 2 PM. From the store's blog: "Natalie Zaman, Charlotte Bennardo, Amalie Howard, Jennifer Hubbard, Alissa Grosso, and Margie Gelbwasser will be here on Saturday, June 16th at 2:00 P.M. for a joint discussion and signing of their recent books ... There will be activities, such as a twenty questions game, in which readers can ask the author a question about a book, writing, or the author. There will also be drawings for prizes."

And now, it's back to the joys of revision!


  1. I am so grateful that I love to revise. Love the rush that comes when solving a story problem. And I've got a few of them to figure out right now. . .

    1. I love it when I know what to do and how to fix the problems. I hate it when I'm not sure.