Monday, April 2, 2012


I had a wonderful weekend at the New York City Teen Author Festival, but a detailed recap isn't really in me right now. Picture thought-provoking panels, congenial company, writerly conversation, and a bookstore jam-packed with YA fans, and you'll get the gist. (Incidentally, if you would like to get a signed copy of Try Not to Breathe, I left some signed stock at Books of Wonder. Even if you're not in New York, you can call the store and order that way. But if you are in New York, I recommend visiting the store in person--they sell not only books, but cupcakes!)

At the moment, I'm in a listening and observing mood. I'm mulling over some changes in a story I've been working on. And so I'm attuned to the inner voice, which is sometimes necessary, and is the most useful writing tip I can offer today.

Along with this from Jon Gibbs: Don't forget to have fun!

Finally, if you haven't already, please visit my library-loving giveaway, which is still open. As things stand right now, chances are excellent that if you make a donation to your library, I'll end up matching it (see the post for more details).


  1. I went to the post you referred me to and I like your book recommendations with the nice guy as the main love interest. And I agree- nice guys shouldn't have to finish last.

    Another blogger recently mentioned the NYC Teen Author Festival. Too bad I'm on the West Coast. I heard there was a dystopian-themed Wheel of Misfortune game happening at the library. That would have been fun to participate in.

    1. LOL, I missed the Wheel of Misfortune! But I saw some great panels.

      Glad you liked the nice guys! The girl doesn't always have to go for the bad boy ...

  2. The Teen Author Festival must have been wonderful. Glad you were there. Like Cynthia, I'd love one on the west coast.