Thursday, March 1, 2012


Sheela Chari has a great post today in which she talks about how writers "should be careful not to interpret everything for our reader, and to tell them how to think about our characters." I happen to agree (as both a reader and a writer, my preference is having more room for reader imagination and interpretation), although I've noticed that readers vary in how much they want explained, described, and interpreted. I don't think there is any one style that suits all readers, but rather that readers gravitate toward writers who use the style they prefer. But it's something to think about, because the writer always has to leave some room for the reader. And filling in too much can really slow a story down.

I'm the guest blogger at Carmen Ferreiro Esteban's today, talking about "my road to publication. Since Carmen discusses both traditional and self-publishing, I tried to raise some points worth considering for writers who are wondering which road might be right for them.

And I want to give a congratulatory shout-out to my friend Kelly Fineman on the release of her debut picture book today: At the Boardwalk! Illustrated by Monica Armino with a depth and a glowing beauty that set off Kelly's poetry, this is a true treasure:

Today may be a chilly March day, but you can breathe in the sea air and soak up the sun through Kelly's lyrical words, which bring alive a day at the shore.

And since nobody throws an online launch party like Jama Rattigan, I urge you to head to Jama's for glimpses inside Kelly's book, and (of course) celebratory virtual treats!