Friday, March 23, 2012

Break time

This afternoon, I sat on the porch and read for half an hour.

I don't often take time to do that. Usually I read on the commuter train, or while eating lunch, or just before going to bed, when I'm too tired for anything else. My days are packed with chores and obligations.

But it was close to eighty degrees (F) out today, and it won't be this warm again for at least a week (probably longer). And everything is blooming: hyacinth, daffodils, cherries, myrtle, violets, forsythia. And I'm not on a writing deadline at the moment. And life is short.

Sometimes, you just have to put everything down and enjoy the moment.


  1. A book, a porch, and near 80 degrees sounds like a slice of paradise. Happy you enjoyed your moment. ^_^

    1. I did, thank you, and hope you had moments of your own!

  2. That's wonderful you took time for yourself like that. I have been reading so much more lately, and it seems to be molding itself to my time and not really pushing its way over anything. This is a good thing. :)

  3. It certainly was the best day to take the time to do that. I've been trying to find more time away from the computer to read or knit or just do something with my hands.